Hippocampus-Seahorses Wrap Tails Around Reef Reeds

This photograph was accepted by jurors for exhibition at the Norwalk Connecticut Maritime Gallery. The exhibition Theme was “A Reverence for Nature”. It is an 18” x 24” framed print. It will be displayed from the gallery opening June 13th through September 30th, 2018

Sea Mist Victorian Bed and Breakfast

Cape May is America’s oldest seashore resort and is famous for its Victorian buildings. The town was reconstructed after its 1879 fire, and Sea mist was built in that era on Beach Street. It serves as a landmark Bed & Breakfast overlooking the ocean. June photo at 3PM taken at 1/500th sec. ISO 360.

Stroud Preserve sunset and barn

This golden sunset is framed by a colonial stone barn at the Stroud Preserve. The fieldstone colors blend in with the color sunset spectrum. The 571 acre tract is North of Pocopson, South of West Chester and part of the East Brandywine Water Research Center, managed by Natural Land’s Trust. Photo taken at dusk. ISO 2500, 18mm, f20 @ 125th sec.


Indian Teasel Thistle shows its protective sharp needle-like barbs. Nikon DSLR macro from 4’ @ 100mm. Focus primarily on barbs, with enough depth of field to capture detail of all 7 ‘heads.” I printed an 11”x14” photo, framed with a tight weave of burlap matting.

Pumpkins in the hillside, Solvang, California

We were in Solvang, California, North of Santa Barbara, and came across this clever Halloween fall theme. The entrance to this hillside farm had a scarecrow with a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins and assorted squash. The curved arc of the thick tree and the wind vane set the rustic theme. I used a Sony Cybershot DSC W-1 compact camera. ISO 100, f9, @ 1.25th sec.

Vine Ripe Tomatoes

These beautiful ripe beefsteak tomatoes on the vine are ready for the salad bowl! These were winter greenhouse-grown in February at Gardner’s Nursery in Lionville, PA. The image has a 3-D quality, with delicious richness in color, with green stem and leaves for contrast. Taken at 11AM full sun over greenhouse glass roof tiles, with my Iphone 7 plus.

Immaculata University Rotunda

This photograph was composed in the 5 story Rotunda in Villa Maria Hall, Immaculata University. I handheld my Iphone 7 plus with a fisheye lens attached to the telephoto twin lens (left lens of 2). It needed to be positioned back at the entranceway while viewing the monitor. The illuminated 1st floor glass is reflective, and sidewalls curved up to the top of the dome. The photo was at 3PM; the golden glow came from the sunlight, the incandescent lights, and the color of the marble walls. The illuminated dome can be seen for miles at night.

Photo gear for my macrophotography clinic

When considering taking macro and micro photographs, some specialized equipment is needed to get outstanding images. Most DSLRs, mirrorless digital cameras, and advanced smartphones have this capacity. Smartphones with fast lenses can zoom in close-up to a point. My Nikon DSLR is seen with 18-420mm lens, with a ringlet attached at the end of a barrel. This provides for less shadowing of the subject, such as an insect. A Raynox M 250 2.5x macro lens attaches to the lens front past the ring light. If doing a “live” moving insect, tracking and panning requires a swivel tripod or monopod mount. […]

Kym with Leopard Hat

This smiling model is my daughter Kym. She loves to wear hats and has always had a flair for fashion design. She selected her faux leopard hat as a contrast to her auburn hair. I did my studio setup with portable equipment, using a medium blue cloth non-reflective background. My Nikon 24 MP DSLR had a wireless transmitter linked to 3 separate channel remote receivers. A right prime umbrella, left secondary umbrella (softer), and a 3rd dimmed speedlite for hair/hat illumination. There was a slight contrast shadowing on the left for contrast, and the overall image needed very little post-processing […]

Lecture with Stephen D. Smith

This is a picture of me giving a presentation on prints from my portfolio. Some are enhanced with matted border displays, some mounted on canvas, as well as some with selected frames. Matching the camera image to computer post-processing, and then to the printer is important for the final result. I am teaching a 10 week series on “Creative Digital Photography” this spring at Immaculata University.