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Immaculata University Rotunda

This photograph was composed in the 5 story Rotunda in Villa Maria Hall, Immaculata University. I handheld my Iphone 7 plus with a fisheye lens attached to the telephoto twin lens (left lens of 2). It needed to be positioned back at the entranceway while viewing the monitor. The illuminated 1st floor glass is reflective, and sidewalls curved up to the top of the dome. The photo was at 3PM; the golden glow came from the sunlight, the incandescent lights, and the color of the marble walls. The illuminated dome can be seen for miles at night.

Military Macaw

This is my favorite birding picture, a yellow-green Military Macaw on his perch. The photo has a sense of dimensional with the background of wood support railing. His vibrant colors are almost iridescent with blue tail feathers and red forehead. Taken in Naples at their public zoo. Captured at 1/80th sec as he was shifting his position and balance. ISO 100, 52mm, f 48 in late March morning diffused sun. I printed this photograph on a pearlescent metallic chrome luminescent paper, and detail was outstanding!