June 2018

Stephen Smith gave a lecture presentation on photography with an exhibition on April 2nd at the Wesley Enhanced Living Gallery in Media, Pa.

The exhibition of his imaging works were on numerous topics, and went through May 1st.

The “Hippocampus-Seahorses in Reef” is on exhibition in Connecticut June 13-Sept. 30th at the Norwalk Maritime Gallery for their theme of “A Reverence for Nature”.

Photographer Stephen D Smith with Seahorses photo


Workshops / Presentations

“Creative Digital Photography: The Evolution From 35 mm. Film to High Definition Imaging and Beyond”

A 2-Volume Pictorial Encyclopedia Set by Stephen D. Smith, D.M.D.

Dr. Stephen D. Smith will be presenting and autographing his new 2017 book on

Creative Digital Photography

It has 16 chapters in a 2-volume set with 1300 color images over 372 pages. These contain subjects such as the history of photography, the latest in digital camera DSLR’s, mirrorless, and videocams. The latest in smartphone photo technologies are discussed, aerial quadcopters, and virtual reality. Studio work, portraiture, children and pet photography are illustrated, and post-production computer processing. Portfolio display, weddings, adventure, sports photography are outlined, as well as realty, home and architecture.

Horticulture, flowers and insect macrophotography are detailed, along with science, dentistry and medicine imaging procedures.

The arts, travel, and historic sites are shown. A final section on sailing ship nautical history and the making of museum-quality ship models is featured.

Available for:

  • Workshops
  • 10 Week Course
  • AGD/CERP/ADA accredited for continuing education credits

Previously taught at

  • Immaculata University, Spring 2017
  • Chester County Library
  • Book signing at Barnes and Noble, The Metroplex

Dr. Stephen D. Smith presented “Creative Digital Photography: The Evolution from 35 mm Film to High Definition Imaging and Beyond“, a 10 week course at Immaculata University, Lifelong Learning Institute in the spring of 2017.

There are 23 different lecture subjects being discussed from history of photography – Daquerre to the digital age, to the many different types of “still” cameras and video cams available.  A Study comparison of DSLR’s/mirrorless cameras to advanced smartphone photo technology is the latest, along with virtual reality and aerial quadcopter imaging.

The areas of children’s and pet photography are detailed with lighting and studio portraiture work. Architecture and real estate/residential home photography are featured. America Historic sights are shown, and suggestions for wedding photography. Favorite animals and birds are shown. The arts, music with audio selecting, sculpture are detailed and travel recreational albums. Regional filming includes the beautiful hill country of Chester county.

Additionally, macro photography is being covered for flowers, horticulture, and insects with a “hands-on” clinic. The art and science of dentistry and medico-dental documentation for patient education is an additional topic to be covered. Sports and adventure topics will be demonstrated. A final short segment, which is the last chapter in the book, is on sailing and making museum-quality ship models. The course scheduling is for a total time of 12 hours.

Dr. Smith will present a 7 hours program at selected sites. It is also AGD/CERP/ADA accredited for professional continuing education. Location and dates to be announced via his website.  These seminar lectures are intended to help improve creativity for all levels of photographers.