Photo gear for my macrophotography clinic

When considering taking macro and micro photographs, some specialized equipment is needed to get outstanding images. Most DSLRs, mirrorless digital cameras, and advanced smartphones have this capacity. Smartphones with fast lenses can zoom in close-up to a point. My Nikon DSLR is seen with 18-420mm lens, with a ringlet attached at the end of a barrel. This provides for less shadowing of the subject, such as an insect.

A Raynox M 250 2.5x macro lens attaches to the lens front past the ring light. If doing a “live” moving insect, tracking and panning requires a swivel tripod or monopod mount.

A long lens zooming out to 300mm allows working from a 5’ distance. I prefer manual focus with a “portraiture” setting to phase out the background. A magnifying LED glass with alligator holding clips can position a leaf frond as background for placing the insect. A 3-dimensional rail positioned is seen on the right. The camera is placed on top, the tripod underneath, while the thumbscrews allow for the mm lateral and forward/back adjustments. If taking video, an external microphone can be used for audio clarity. Part of my lecture series.

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