Glass vase collection

I visited the “Glassline” glass blowing studio at St. Peter’s Village this past summer. I made a video of their Venetian glass classical artistry techniques. Their pieces were on display in the studio store, and I composed this picture with Northeast sunlight coming through their window behind the vases. The crystalline reflection I enhanced in camera with a star filter, creating multiple 8-point “sparklers.”

Tall ship “Sagres”

Philadelphia hosted the Tall Ships America parade of sailing ships in June 2015. The “Sagres” sailed up the Delaware to its Penn’s Landing berth, with the public being invited onboard. The 3 masted barque is 292’ in length and is a classic windjammer. It has served for the past 52 years as the Portuguese navy training ship. It was launched in German shipyards in 1936, and has been modernized with the latest navigational equipment. It was exciting for the crowd as the sailors winched up the sails and she headed out to New York City for the 4th of July […]

“Jupiter” tugboat Philadelphia

“Jupiter” is America’s oldest working tugboat and is a permanent resident at Penn’s Landing as an historic boat. It was built in the Philadelphia shipyard of Newfie & Levy in 1902 for the Standard Oil Co of New York and christened Socony. It served in the New York/Hudson Valley waterfronts until 1939, then came to Philadelphia, being renamed Jupiter. It was the lead tug to launch the battleship U.S.S. New Jersey from the Philadelphia Navy Yard for the World War II service.  Jupiter played a major role in the development of commerce along the Delaware River region. She was purchased […]

Orange tiger Lily

This is a close-up image of a tiger lily. The speckles and orange hue contrast to the soft garden background of greens and faint pink azaleas. The camera used was my Nikon D 5300 using a lens focal length of 280mm (55-300 Nikkormat) taken at 1/200th speed. The ISO setting was 100 (“film speed”) aperture-f stop 10, with me 5’ away; it was taken in August at 1PM with direct sunlight from slightly behind the flower. This was taken in the wild garden at Chanticleer Estate in Wayne, PA.

“L’Hermione” Ship’s captain

The 32-gun frigate “L’Hermione” sailed from Rochefort, France to tour the East coast of the United States in the summer of 2015. She is the replica of the Marquis D’ Lafayette’s ship, which arrived in 1780 to assist General George Washington. This “Tall Ships America” Philadelphia parade featured a number of sailing vessels. The captain is pictured here looking Westward with his spyglass/telescope under arm. The rigging in the background was made clear by combining portraiture focus and landscape mode for composition. This I framed as a 20”x20” canvas wall art print.

Military Macaw

This is my favorite birding picture, a yellow-green Military Macaw on his perch. The photo has a sense of dimensional with the background of wood support railing. His vibrant colors are almost iridescent with blue tail feathers and red forehead. Taken in Naples at their public zoo. Captured at 1/80th sec as he was shifting his position and balance. ISO 100, 52mm, f 48 in late March morning diffused sun. I printed this photograph on a pearlescent metallic chrome luminescent paper, and detail was outstanding!


This natural bird photograph is of a handsome Ibis walking slowly at the lake’s edge in Naples, Florida. I was 10 feet away and used the full 140mm of my lens on a portraiture setting. This made it possible to highlight his side profile while getting a good green/yellowish “bokeh.” I was able to manually get a sharp definition of the eye and bill/beak outline. I find it much more accurate to compose these precision shots via camera eyepiece vs. monitor’s “live view.”

Children Candid’s

I was photographing a children’s face painting party and saw the gleeful reaction of the kids. Bentley, 2 ½ years old, turned my way with his “Lion King” smile and gave me a growl. This image was supported by a flash; DSLR: ISO was 1600, 140mm close-up from 6’ @ 1/60th sec to freeze any slight motion. I printed an 11”x14”photograph in pearlescent metallic paper and selected a turquoise blue matting to match his shirt collar. Added to my children’s portfolio and lecture.

Macro Photography

This is a macro/micro photograph of a dragonfly specimen, carefully placed on a mustard seed flower leafy frond. She was positioned so that the eyes faced the camera close-up DSLR with a Raynox macro lens 2.5 X attached to the ring lite. The camera monitor was flipped for better visibility as the micrometer rail was used for adjustment and depth of field assessment. The insert is a further expansion, dual video led lighting supplement the ringlite. A 6 inch square paper served as a color backdrop. ISO was 3200 185mm focal length with macro lens attached onto the 18-140mm prime […]